If you have a "Houdini" child, we may just have the sanity saver for you. Reduce your stress levels now by taking a look at my range of Houdini products

No longer will your escape artist be able to remove their arms from their car seat harness, they wont be able to climb out of the high chair or stroller. There will be no more going into unsafe or restricted rooms or constantaly coming out of bedrooms at bedtime. Milk will no longer be being spilt all over the breakfast table, and those blankets won't be being kicked off during the night anytime soon.

Your sanity will be saved, your child will be safer and your stress levels will be lowered with just one or two clicks of my website. 

You will finally be able to have that coffee before it gets cold without the worry about what your wee Houdini is upto in the next room.

These are all high quality New Zealand made products that are not only simple to use but they are also effective. Get back your peace of mind today.

Houdini  is stocked in many baby supplies stores throughout New Zealand and Australia, and I also have several international distributors, so if you are based in another country,  we can still supply you quickly & cost effectively