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The Houdini Stop is independently safety tested for peace of mind!

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The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, in the pram and on highchairs! 

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Houdini Hat Hole


Encourage your child's creative expression. Get your child happily wearing their school hat again. No more hiding their beautiful hair under a boring old school sun hat or school beanie. Show off their fancy pigtails & amazing pony tails again. Your child can run jump or skip without the worry of their hat falling off, and help prevent them getting nits as they will be keeping their hair up all day. 

The funky new Houdini Hat hole is the latest must have for your young hair enthusiast. It is simple to install in most hats or beanies, and can be positioned in many different places for many different styles. Use 1, 2 even 3 or 4!. Put them in the sides of hats or on the top. You decide & in minutes, your child will happily showing off their beautiful long hair in their no longer disliked hat. 

After a couple of practices your child will be able to put their hats on & off by themselves and you can relax knowing they will be happily be wearing their hats & staying warm, or protected from the harsh sun.

They come in 2 sizes, 6 different colours and are very simple to install.


View further product information and demonstration video here.