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The Houdini Stop is independently safety tested for peace of mind!

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The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, in the pram and on highchairs! 

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Houdini Solutions is passionate about safety! Shop our safety range today!

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About Us

I was stay at home mother who had a two year old who could not only get her arms out of her carseat, she could completely escape from it. I tried many strategies and products. I could not find anything that she could not escape from, so I was forced to design a product that would stop her...After solving my initial problem with a piece of elastic and some bracer clips, I then spent many months researching and adapting the design to ensure that the Houdini Stop was a safety assured product. It is now a safety legend and I have over 400,000 happy customers.

My second product the 'Houdini Clips' came to being because my first child used to remove her nappies when she was supposed to be sleeping. I walked into a few nasty surprises. I was also becoming frustrated at the many nappies that I had to simply throw out because the sticky tabs had lost their stick or had broken off. Once I had produced the product, I found it had many other uses too. Making a cloth bib, a window shade, resealing bags, making blanket huts, hanging toys. In fact I challenge you to come up with a use for them that I do not know about. I will send you some free locks if you do.

Houdini Door is a promise I kept for a friend. She needed to find a solution to stop her middle of the night bed visitor. Unfortunately I developed this product a bit too late for her as her 'Houdini' is now 10 and a wee bit past this stage!....... I am not too late for your wee escape artist, so at least I can help you with the cot to bed transition instead.

I have just launched novel Houdini product number 5. The Houdini Spill. This product fits into most milk bottles, reducing the flow, making it much easier to pour. This was my 1st ever invention but it took 10 years to overcome a few issues which were stopping the product from being 100% perfect. The issues are now solved, the product is awesome and it is now available for purchase.

The company is not too big and can still treat you personally, so email me if you have a query or possibly a product idea you think I should work on.....Your childs safety is treated the same as my childs safety.

Houdini Solutions Ltd is a Hamilton based, New Zealand company. We happily stand behind the quality & safety of all our products. Never hesitate to contact us if you ever have a query, I am more than happy to assist

- Bianca