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The Houdini Stop is independently safety tested for peace of mind!

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The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, in the pram and on highchairs! 

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Houdini No Spill [2 x Pack]

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Your breakfast time sanity saver. No more spilt or wasted milk. You child can independently make their own breakfast. Saves your money, saves your time. Simple to install, re-useable.


What bottles can it be used on:

New Zealand Milk: Value 2l, Anchor 2l, Signature Range 2l,  Meadow Fresh 3l, Home Brand 3l, Anchor 3l, Value 3l, Signature Range 3l

Juice Bottles: Just Juice 2.4l, Fresh Up 3l, Citrus Tree 2.4l

Australia Milk: Farmers Own 2l, Maleny Dairies 2l, Farmdale Milk 3l, A2 Milk 2l, Coles 2l, Pauls 2l, Woolworths Australia 2l 

Product Hack: If you find you have a bottle  or prefer to use a brand that the Houdini No Spill slips out of, a simple solution so you can still use a Houdini No Spill is: Take the lid of the bottle you would like to use, cut a square or a hole in the center with a sharp knife and then screw it back on your bottle over the top of the inserted Houdini No Spill. it will hold it in and stop it popping out.



View further product information and demonstration video here.