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The Houdini Stop is independently safety tested for peace of mind!

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The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, in the pram and on highchairs! 

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Houdini Stop

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The Houdini Stop Chest Strap is a device which prevents your child from taking their arms out of their car seat straps. It consists of two simple clips joined by a length of material.

The clips connect to each of the 2 car seat straps and hold them closer together preventing your child from wriggling out.

It can also be used with highchair and stroller harnesses to prevent children standing up and getting out.

What size harness does it fit?
It fits over any single layer harness that is up to 38mm wide

Is it safe?
Yes. The Houdini Stop chest clip has been crash tested at the Autoliv Test Facility in Melbourne, Australia. To the AS/NZC 1754 Standard. In short the Houdini Stop was found not to interfere with the performance of any part of the car seat. In all tests the Houdini Stop did not move up and have any contact at all with the throat area. 

Is it legal?
Yes. The Houdini Stop has been officially crashed tested & reviewed by ACRI. The Houdini Stop is legally allowed to be purchased as an accessory, and used on a wide range of harnesses. It is a aftermarket product, therefore a parent or caregiver can decide whether or not they would like to use it with their child.

Can it be used in replacement for an exisiting chest clip?
Yes is can,it is universal. It should not however be used with an existing chest clip. Please ensure the old chest clip is fully removed before using a Houdini Stop.

Will it work for my Houdini?
The Houdini Stop, has more than a 95% percent success rate. Most young children are not dexterous enough, or strong enough in their pincher grip to work the release mechanism. The Houdini Stop can not be made 100% inescapable, as an adult needs to be able to easily work the release in an emergency situation. Most children actually begin to love having a Houdini stop. If however your child works out how to undo the Houdini Stop within the first two weeks we will provide a full refund. Please contact the retailer for details.


What to consider when purchasing an Aftermarket Chest Clip for your child's car seat.

Do you actually need one? Have you checked your car seat straps are set at the correct height and not causing your child discomfort. Are harness straps suitably tight? They may need to be pulled tighter or made slightly looser. Check with your car seat installer or manufacturer to see how tight the harness should be. In most cases you should be able to still just slip your fingers under the tightened harness.  Have you spoken with your child and told them how important it is for them to keep their arms within their restraints?. Perhaps offer them a reward if they complete a car ride without removing their arms.

Has the chest clip been tested to the AS/NZS Standard 8005:2013? These standards have been written to ensure that aftermarket chest clips are as safe as they can possibly be when added to Australian and New Zealand car seats.

Please note: Imported Chest Clips that have not been tested to this thorough Australian and New Zealand standard should never ever be used on AS/NZS 1754 standards certified car seats, as they can not be proven to be safe in an emergency situation or car accident. Foreign standards are not stringent as the AS/NZS 8005:2013 standard and this may mean the chest clip may not perform certain important acts in an accident or emergency, like breaking apart, allowing the child to be removed unhindered from their harness restraint.

Has the chest clip been tested on your car seat type? Has it been tested in both rear and forward facing positions? The Houdini Stop had been tested in Both Forward & Rear facing situations and on Type B, A1, A2 and A4 seats. The dynamics on all these seats are all different and what suits on seat type and position, may not suit another one.

Is the chest clip labelled with instructions on how to install & remove the chest clip.? Does the Chest Clip have obvious red marked release buttons? It is very important that chest clips are labelled and have red release buttons. This is so, in an emergency situation, first responders who have never encountered a chest clip before, can see and learn how to safely remove the chest clip and be able to free the child from their restraint quickly.


The Houdini Stop has been crash tested to AS/NZS standard 8005:2013 in both forward and rear facing situations with Type B, A1, A2 & A4 seats and proven to be safe in all these tests. It is important to note that other cheaper copies of the Houdini Stop available on the market, have not been crash tested on all these car seat types,  both forward or rear crash situations, or labelled to these strict AS/NZS standards. Warning they may not be as safe as a Houdini Stop in an emergency.

View further product information and demonstration video here.