Houdini Spill

Your breakfast time sanity saver

Click on the picture below for a demonstration video

No more spilt milk or juice. Save your money, save your time


Sooo happy with the new Houdini Spill, my 4year old can now help herself to a glass of milk!!! Love this! It works a treat! Time and liquid saver Awesome product!! Have the family all on board to purchase them too! – Sheena, NZ – September 2016

Hi Bianca I love the new Houdini Spill for milk containers, I am already saving money as the kids use less milk when poring milk into the cereal bowls, it definitely slows down the milk flow, I impressed.- Justine Kettle, NZ – September 2016

Love this gadget! Kids are pouring their own milk successfully without needing my supervision! One step closer to independence - Heidi2, NZ - September 2016