Houdini Spill

Milk bottles can be tricky for the young , elderly and disabled to control. These guys want to be independent but often the bottles are too heavy for them to hold, making it near impossible not to make a mess while pouring the milk in to a cup or over the cereal.

This is where the Houdini Spill is brilliant. It fits most milk bottles (some juice bottles) and controls the flow that comes out of them. Giving a much slower steady pour.

No more milk spillage to clean up, no more milk wastage, and  'hello' to more independence for your child. You won't have to stop what you are doing to help, and you will feel more relaxed when you see them opening up the milk bottle

This new product will not only save you money it will bring you less stress at breakfast 

Simply press the Houdini Spill  into the milk or juice bottle. Use the bottle as normal. 

It is fully recyclable so when your bottle has been emptied, remove the Houdini Spill, give it a clean and use it again with your next bottle.


Sooo happy with the new Houdini Spill, my 4year old can now help herself to a glass of milk!!! Love this! It works a treat! Time and liquid saver Awesome product!! Have the family all on board to purchase them too! – Sheena, NZ – September 2016

Hi Bianca I love the new Houdini Spill for milk containers, I am already saving money as the kids use less milk when poring milk into the cereal bowls, it definitely slows down the milk flow, I impressed.- Justine Kettle, NZ – September 2016

Love this gadget! Kids are pouring their own milk successfully without needing my supervision! One step closer to independence - Heidi2, NZ - September 2016