Houdini Door

Do you want to top your toddler (or pet)  from going into the babies or older childs room, the office or perhaps an unsafe room such as the toilet or laundry? 

Are you transitioning from the cot to a bed? Is your young child constantly coming out of their bedroom when they are supposed to be sleeping?

Want to stop that early morning visitor sneaking into your bed, or stop them from raiding the fridge at 3am while you are sleeping? 

Here's your solution!!!!! Gain your sanity back. You will no longer have to get up and constantly return your child to their room, and you can relax knowing they can not get into other restricted areas. You nights will be yours again and your days will involve less checking up on your curious Houdini



What is a Houdini Door?

A Houdini door is a device that you fit to your door frame. It firmly holds doors open but at a set distance. You set the distance depending on where you put the door mounting block. It is very simple to install only requiring a screw driver or double sided tape

The hall light can still shine in, the door is still open allowing the air to circulate, and you can still hear baby cry out, but your toddler or pet can no longer move the door and disturb your sleeping baby, mess up your office or get into unsafe rooms. No more unrolled toilet paper or risk of dangerous items being reached

It is the perfect tool for that frustrating cot to bed transition when your child constantly comes out of their room. And you can now keep them safely out of rooms without completely closing or locking the door.

It comes with 2 door blocks so you can use it with two doors. One at a time. Perhaps the bedroom at night and another room during the day.  

 How to install a Houdini Door


"After two failed attempts of multiple nights to move our nearly three year old out of his cot into his bed due to his constant up & down & blatant refusing to stay in his room, we had all but given up when we braved a third attempt with Houdini Door in hand.

It went from being this horrid trying time with an overtired child to a breeze.

After explaining what we were doing & why, we put our son to bed.  While he came to the door to begin with & called out for various things, he couldn't get out & eventually jumped into bed & went to sleep.

After four nights we have a big boy who sleeps in his own bed. Day sleeps (as always) can be a little harder, but I have Houdini door & I know he's safe & secure & he can call for me if he needs me.

Stoked with the results & would recommend to all, just wish I had done earlier. Thanks a lot"  
- Maree Gordon, NZ - June 2016


We have 3 Houdini Doors in our house, on 2 kids rooms and our bedroom. These have been an absolute godsend!!!!!!. I ADORE this product.
They work amazingly to keep our ratbag 2 year old out of the bedrooms during the day (so he can't get into his siblings things and my makeup!) but keeps the air circulating as the doors aren't fully shut.
They also work great to keep mr2 IN his room when it is bedtime, otherwise I would never get him to sleep.
Seriously awesome product and I highly recommend it to other parents of toddlers!! They have kept me sane and I honestly don't know how I would have coped without them!
Definitely worth 5 stars! – Ally Bowden, NZ - July 2016

Megan Pace. 28 March 2013.

 The Houdini door has allowed my husband and I to sleep in peace. Our 3 year old had a habit of getting into the kitchen at night and eating everything in sight, once we had the Houdini door on she no longer could get into the kitchen allowing us, and her, to sleep in peace. Easy to use, easy to install, this is one product I honestly could not live without! If you are wanting to child proof this is one product you really cant surpass!

MarBev 4 April 2013

I think the Houdini Door is fantastic! It is great at keeping my little one in her bedroom when it is time to go to sleep, and stay in the bedroom as told. I also have a wee baby and during the day we use it on that door to keep my 3 and nearly 2 year old out of the baby room yet still being able to get airflow through, and I can hear if she is crying and needs something. A wonderful product, just what we were after. Thank you

Mellissa 9th April 2013

After many many months of misery (mine) and an over tired toddler who refused to stay in his room and kept waking the other kids, we had success with this on the first night! 3 nights on, and the threat of it is enough to make him go to sleep straight away! Last night he was asleep by 7pm, instead of the usual 10pm.It is such a great design, and so simple to use. I like how the door isn't shut, so he doesn't feel locked in, and I can also see what he is up to in there! Once again, thanks so much, I will definitely be recommending this to others!

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